Present sentences, past sentences, comparative, superlative, subject, object, possessive, linkers

Present Simple or Present Continuous.
Present Simple/Continuous Order (Negative)
The Past Simple Boy (use, from & exercises)
Lady Past Continuous (use, from & exercises)




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-Who is Nelson Mandela?
He is a fighter who fight for the rights of black people.

-In which country was the apartheid?
The aparteid happened in South-Africa.

-What year did the apartheid finish?
It finished in 1994.
-What was the Berlin Wall?
It was a barrier constructed by the German Democratic Republic for separeted the Democratic Republic to the Federal Republic.

-When did it fall?
At night of 9th of november on 1989.

-What century did South America get the independence?
In 19th century South America get the independence.

-Who led South America to independence?
They were "padres de la patria" like Simón Bolívar, José de San Martín...

-Who was the leader to Indian independence?
Mahatma Gandhi.

-Which cultures practised human sacrifice?
Catholic, Mayas, islamic...

-Why don’t these cultures religions have the basic human rights?
Because they don't respect the fundamental rigth that's the life.

-How many years was the apartheid in South Africa?
Fourty three years dured the apartheid in South Africa.

-Why did North America fight against UK?
Because they want their independence.

-What happened in 1776 in North America?
It was the declaration of independence.

-Who was Karl Marx?
He was a communist who would give power and rigths to the people.

-Explain an important thing done by Karl Marx.
He wrote the "Communist manifest".

-When did the Americans consider slaves to be people?
In 1841.

-What was the name of the ship where the slaves rebelled?
It was called "Amistad".

-How many slaves rebelled?
Two braves slaves rebelled.

-Where were the Africans sent?

In the Americas.

-Why were the Africans sent to America?
Because withe people needed slaves to work in the Americas.

-In which century were the Africans sent to America?
In 16th century.

-What did Antigone do?
She disobeyed the king.

-Why did Antigone disobey the King?
Because she wants to give to her brother a decent burial.

-Who abused black people?
The Americans and withe people like colons.

-Who signed the universal declaration of human rights?
It was signed by the UN.

-In what year was signed?
In 1948.

-Who a chived their authority by birth?
The kings and the tribal chiefs.

-For what did use their powers?
To usurp the natural rightsof their people.

-What century did the court of law write down the defence of human rights?
On 20th century.

-What was the apartheid?
It was a divison who separeted black people to withe people.

-Which was the cause of the American civil war?
The cause was to eliminated slavery  form western world.

-What was slavery?
Slavery was a system in which people were the property of others.

-Were did slavery exists?
Yes, it was.

-When did women get the rights to vote?
In 1918, in UK.

-By which committe it was elaborated?