Hello, my name is Sonia, I have 15 years. I have a little sister more than me, her name is Eva. My mother is Anna. I live with them. Every 15 days I was in the house of my father, Toni, because my parents are separated.


Because it was not very well that put, I'll say what I like.
My favorite color is red, but now I like blue. My favorite style of music is pop-rock, some groups I like are: McFly, Bon Jovi, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Green Day... 


These days I can not write too much, because we exam time.  Last Saturday I went with some friends and went to the cinema.

Yesterday, 7.2.11, I went with my friend


Sunday, 8th may, i was go to barcelona, sala razzmatazz, for see my favourite group, MCFLY. And now I'll explain this day.

i get up at 10am, i breakfast 5 biscuits and one vass of milk "PULEVA" (te va te va te va uiuuu!). after i go to the shower, and i dress up with blue jeans and t-shirt. i wanted to go early, but my father said: we would go after lunch. and i thought : stupid ¬¬' 

at 3 pm, we finished lunch, and we go to the car, we state in the car 30 minutes. i was so nervious. in hours i can see my idols! <3